Dedicated servants who have faithfully served the Lord and our School.


Rev. Christine Gibson 1924-1955
Rev. Leonard Heroo 1960-1983
Rev. Mary Wilson 1983-1985
Rev. Benjamin Crandall 1985-2000
Rev. George Cope 2000-2005
Dr. Richard Lafferty 2006-Present (Interim)

Dean of Academics

Rev. Mary Wilson 1955-1981
Rev. Eleanor Brunetto 1981-1991
Rev. Patrick Gallagher 1991-present

Director of Admissions & Records

Miss Alice Chase 1924-1985
Rev. Patrick Gallagher 1985-1993
Rev. Jim Pierce 1993-1994
Rev. David Greeley 1994-1996
Rev. Steve Labocki 1996-1999
Mr. David Hodge 1999-2005
Ms. Helen Brouillette 2005-Present

Director of Finances (Treasurer)

Miss Alice Chace 1924-1985
Mr. Matthew Ropiecki 1985-2000
Rev. Terry Deffenbaugh 2000-2005
Rev. Shelby Pratt – 2005-Present

Dean of Students

Ms. Donna Jo Scruggs 1992-1995; 2000-present

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2005 photograph of Buddy and Sylvia Hill and Corbin