How to Find Irrefutable Evidence for God

The death and resurrection of Jesus Christ are inseparable from the promise of the Holy Spirit.

The Apostle Paul was transformed by both the cross and Pentecost together.

  • Ananias was sent to Saul so he would be filled with the Holy Spirit.
  • Ananias laid his hands upon Saul.
  • Saul experienced something supernatural as Ananias touched him.
  • Saul was healed, received his sight.

And Ananias went his way and entered the house; and laying his hands on him he said, “Brother Saul, the Lord Jesus, who appeared to you on the road as you came, has sent me that you may receive your sight and be filled with the Holy Spirit.” Immediately there fell from his eyes something like scales, and he received his sight at once; and he arose and was baptized.
So when he had received food, he was strengthened. Then Saul spent some days with the disciples at Damascus.
Immediately he preached the Christ in the synagogues, that He is the Son of God.
~Acts 9:17-20

The evidence of the Holy Spirit’s power, the power that transformed Saul, the power that healed Saul, is entirely irrefutable. Saul’s doubts and prejudices were suddenly meaningless. He could not even argue with himself about the reality of who Jesus is.

God wants you to experience both the power of the cross and the power of the Holy Spirit.