An Atheist in Regard to All Gods Except One


The existence of the material universe and the existence of life on earth point toward a beginning. How did they begin?

The most plausible explanation would be the existence of an uncaused Creator.

An Alternative Explanation by a Former Christian

An ex-Christian once told me that she had figured out that primitive man needed answers for difficult questions about science, so they invented religion to fill in the things that they did not know yet. She implied that science now has all the answers, and there is no longer any need for religion or faith in gods.

What is an Atheist?

The Greek word for God in the Christian New Testament is “theos”. Therefore, a theist is one who believes in God. An atheist is one who denies a belief in any God or gods.

But which God… the gods of Mormonism, the gods of Hinduism, FSM, the gods of Baha’i, Allah, Jehovah, Christ?

Some people believe that early Christians were labeled atheists because they rejected the deity of the Roman emperors and other Roman gods.

I reject all other gods except the one true God. Therefore, I am predominantly an atheist. The same would be true for all good monotheists.

My Response

I first read this concept in an article on wikiHow. I rejected it entirely because it felt as if someone were trying to lump the one true God into the batch of man-made mythological deities, then make it appear as if Iredchair arbitrarily plucked one out of a hat, and placed my faith in that one.

I have many colors of paint. If I decide to paint a wooden chair only one color, red, it requires that I must not paint with blue, yellow, green, orange, purple, pink, gold, black or white. When the chair is finished, now a shiny red in place of the dull wood, it wouldn’t make much sense to say it was not painted because I used only one color. Yet, it is true that the chair is NOT painted… with pink. The chair is NOT painted with orange. There are many ways in which the chair is not painted.

cookingIf my wife cooks a large dinner, but I eat only one dish, you cannot say that I skipped dinner. I ate chicken and noodles. I did not eat spinach pie. I did not eat onions or cucumbers. You may say, “You did not eat,” but it would not be an accurate statement unless you specified what I did not eat. “You did not eat Brussels sprouts.”

As a monotheist, I do not believe in any and all gods. I reject all gods. I believe in one God and only one God.

If my rejection of false gods makes me an atheist, so be it.

There is only one true God. He is the Answer, the Source, the Author and Finisher.