“Swearing is a sign of rhetorical strength.”

Someone recently published, “Swearing is a sign of rhetorical strength.” The opposite is true.   Swearing is oratorical incontinence, a symptom of profound immaturity, and an indication of shallow, selfish thoughtlessness.   The simple and obvious truth is that cursing is a sign of weakness in many forms. It requires no creativity or intelligence to blurt out an obscenity. Swearing is intended to offend, insult, hurt, defame, disparage, blaspheme, bully, manipulate, dishonor and disrespect others.* I have heard the excuse, “I just had to let it out,” which is actually just a confession of self-serving intemperance. I have heard […]

How to Euthanize Your Fervor

The nineteenth verse of First Thessalonians chapter five advises us: Do not quench the Spirit. I quickly thought of six ways that we can put out the flame: Lack of communication Starvation Isolation Distraction Misinformation Lack of participation Lack of Communication When we neglect to talk with God, it is like withholding oxygen necessary for combustion. Prayer is not a dull religious duty, it is a privilege provided for those who want to talk to God. Don’t waste the privilege. Eventually, a prayer-less follower of Christ stops following Christ. Starvation The Word of God is like spiritual nourishment. When we […]