Who Are We? [The Re-branding of Discipleship] D

Discipleship is supernatural. I once saw a little sticker that still makes me laugh when I think of it. “The two great facts of life: 1) There is a God. 2) You are not Him.” There is a difference between man and God, a vast contrast between the methods of human ingenuity and the work of the Holy Spirit. Coaching a softball team is human and natural. Discipling Christians is miraculous and spiritual. The task of discipleship requires a miracle. The Apostle Paul contrasts the natural flesh[a]Flesh is a synonym for carnal nature, sinful nature, old nature, natural man. […]

Who Are We? [The Re-branding of Discipleship] C

KOINONIA The biblical words for fellowship and communion are identical and indicate a “commonness” or “community.” Every believer is a participant in a larger, much larger, organism. There are characteristics and functions that all believers share in common. It is interesting that the New Testament shows fellowship happening in conjunction with sharing a meal. Never underestimate the value of sitting down together to share bread and share your life. This seems to work in smaller church groups, but large groups seem to succeed at providing great banquets and buffet lines, but if they only provide surface relationships and fail […]