How to Use Logos Bible Subscription

Download the free Logos App for your system.

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Some other free stuff:

I also recommend:

  • Think about Logos as two things:
    • a library and
    • a set of special reference books and functions such as interlinears, guides, and datasets.
      • If you use reverse interlinears, Logos is amazing.
  • Browse some of the tutorial stuff before you spend any money.
  • Patiently wait until a resource is on sale. You may not need to pay full price for books or sets or courses or packages.
    • Sometimes a collection may be on sale for less than the cost of buying just one book in the package. Watch for “This  title is included in the following collections.”
  • Determine a budget of how much you want to devote to Bible Study. I have been averaging a little over $600 per year over the past decade. I started with the most basic program and worked up to Logos 10 Silver with additional packages for Bible Engagement Project Silver, Messianic Jewish Bronze, Methodist and Wesleyan Bronze, Pentecostal and Charismatic Bronze, Anglican Starter
  • Use codes when you have them.
    • Redeem special birthday month offer. Beginning in April 2023, your discount will take $20 off one order of $50+ (pre-tax) during your birthday month.
    • Redeem special coupon codes for pastor appreciation in October.
    • Don’t forget that some library upgrades include a code for a free mobile education course. You will need the code to redeem the course of your choice.
  • If you search for lowest price (see above) books, you don’t need to buy EVERYTHING that is $0.00. Choose only titles that will help you study or you may bloat your library with irrelevant material, such as old Greek poetry or American Civil War topics.