How to Study the Bible

*Here is an outline for studying a passage of Scripture from the Bible:

I. Preparation

  • Choose a passage of Scripture to study
  • Pray for guidance and understanding before beginning the study

II. Observation

  • Read the passage several times to gain a basic understanding of its content
  • Identify the characters, setting, and context of the passage
  • Take note of any key words or phrases that stand out

III. Interpretation

  • Use a study Bible or commentary to gain deeper insights into the passage
  • Consider the historical and cultural context of the passage
  • Examine the original language and meaning of key words
  • Look for connections to other passages in the Bible

IV. Application

  • Reflect on how the passage applies to your life
  • Consider how you can put the teachings of the passage into practice
  • Identify any areas of your life that need to change in light of the passage

V. Reflection

  • Consider how the passage has impacted your understanding of God and your relationship with Him
  • Reflect on any new insights or questions that have arisen from the study
  • Pray for wisdom and guidance in applying the teachings of the passage to your life

VI. Conclusion

  • Summarize the main insights and teachings of the passage
  • Consider how you can continue to apply the teachings of the passage to your life in the future
  • Give thanks to God for the insights and understanding gained from the study.

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